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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

 We will custom desing your session to fit exactly your needs.  Several options are opened for you, depending on your desires:


Bodywork Sessions:    1.5 hrs.    $160/session
These sessions are based on advance cranial structural training - desinged to take core distortions out of the body for the body to reach its maximum alignment and function.

Bodywork Analysis/Consultaion:   $90
  This is designed for the client who isn't sure about the work, but would like to have an analysis of what is possible to releive the chronic/acute pain that they are having to cope with.   This review covers history, and structural analysis to properly define a plan of action

Energywork and De-stress:           $100
    Our stress comes from many layers/aspects of our being, be it emotional, physical, mental, etc. -- they are all inter-related.  This work embodies years of training and practice in energy medicine via Rieki, Energy Healing Therapy, Chakra work, auric field work and integrated kinesiology

Chakra Rebalancing:                  $100   
    This specific work incorporates energetic therapies, Theta Healing and the vibrational work with the powerful essential oils, for integration and rebalancing of the energetic body(s).

 Lymphatic Drainage -- 45 min:    $80
     A very important technique -- to release build up in the lymph system - and protect the bodies immune system thru improved movement to detox the body.        

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