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Testimonial to Patti Star

A year ago at age of 52, a highly respected othropedic surgeon viewed my MRI and told me
I needed a hip replacement.  I was in constant pain while lying or sitting down.  Fortunately,
I found Patti Star before I had that surgery.  In two sessions, my pain was greatly reduced.
After a total of 5 sesion with Patti, I have been able to function for the last year without pain
and without surgery!  Patti's help has been invaluable to me.  My mother was in bed for 5 days,
with excruciating pain from a pinched nerve.  Her doctor gave her a bunch of pills that did nothing.
After one session with Patti, my mother was 90% better and with a few more sessions, completely
well.  I have recommended Patti to other people in pain who have ad equally sucessful results.
With her therapeutic skills, warm personality, sense of humor and caring concern, Patti is an
extraordinary healer on every level.

Laua Vigiano, LCSW
Sarasota, FL


I'm so grateful to learn of your extraordinary healing.  Just when it seemed that
a breakthrough was nowhere in sight, you brought a true spontaneous healing
to return me to healthy althleticism!!  John


Thank you for your calm expertise, your gentleness and understanding.
Nothing short of brilliant!!   C.  Potere

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